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Plant Sales

Hobart Group

The Plants Sale on Saturday 14 April was another very good effort but fewer Members than in the past were available to help. However, they sold well and have many, many empty trays to show for their efforts. The takings were up from last March but not as good as last October. There also didn’t seem to be as many buyers, maybe they don’t like to buy in autumn even though it is the best time to plant Australian Plants. The Xerochrysum varieties of Everlasting
daisies sold really well and few if any are left. The few Grevilleas disappeared almost immediately and the prostrate and low growing plants were also sold out early in the morning. They also managed to sell some of the large Eucalypts and other large plants at $2 each just to off load them. They enrolled one new Member.

The newly painted banner, though quite expensive to refurbish, was quite eye catching and with fixtures installed on the roof of the Sand Box and ties ready on the banner, it was a one person job to install this year (and the lettering didn’t fall off!). The Plants Sale signs placed around the School boundary point buyers in the right direction. While the roadside signs erected on the Southern Outlet and the Tasman Highway with permits also brought buyers to the Sale. Sincere thanks to all the Members who helped with this April’s sale and to the many buyers who came along to support the Group. We plan to make another donation to the School as thanks for allowing us to have our Nursery in their grounds.

The next Hobart Group Plants Sale will be held in the same location, under the Sandbox Shelter at the Kingston Primary School, access from Hutchins Street, on Saturday 13 October from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Please of beautiful plants being propagated ready for this sale.

Northern Group

The Northern Group had a very the successful plant sale on Saturday, 14 April. Over 1000 plants were sold, a wonderful boost to the Australian plant population of Launceston and the funds received will be very useful in supporting and furthering the aims of their Group.

The current and the previous Nursery Managers are to be especially thanked

for all their thoughtful planning, organisation, time and hard work over the past year. The members who work hard at propagation sessions also deserve special thanks for their good work propagating and preparing the plants for sale. The excellent flower photo labels definitely encouraged customers to buy, especially in autumn when there are fewer flowering plants on offer.

These Managers have been assisted by all those who attend the nursery sessions on the first Saturday of each month at Windsor Community Precinct. The sale could not have been a success without help from the many committed members who bring a variety of plant cuttings/seeds, propagate them, re-pot, weed, wash used pots, sort and label and unload the propagating soil etc. Many plants would maybe die except for the effective watering system and the Manager and partner’s regular visits to check on plants when drought and heat prevail. Many other members undertake essential tasks when called upon for advice and assistance and they are always willing to help. The Manager has also been supported recently by several other Members in making decisions about the most effective ways of maintaining and improving the nursery and the plant sales.

Northern Group has once again to thank another Member for his help in transporting plants from the nursery to Max Fry Hall on sale day. This time both two other gentlemen Members assisted with the heavy lifting, setting up and returning plant boxes to Windsor Precinct (easier after selling a thousand + plants!).

The Northern Group are busy again propagating for another Plants Sale possibly in October this year, so stay tuned for this fabulous event

North West Group

The North West Group held their autumn sale in the Eugenana Arboretum on Sunday 15 April using one of the rotundas with direct access from the car park. Last year they invested in good signs that were installed in strategic locations on the road to Eugenana to direct people. They spread flyers, notified the garden clubs, had an advertisement in the Advocate Newspaper and put notices up in local businesses. They have a growing list of customers who like to be email notified of their sales, but are not members of APST Inc.

The weather forecast was not good and it rained on Saturday, but they had a quite pleasant day.

The Sale was due to start at 10am, but customers started arriving early. By 10:30 the rotunda was full of people. They were flat out, plants were flying out and by lunchtime they had virtually sold out! Plants in flower always go first, but people were buying more wide range than some of the previous sales. Most of the plants they sell are in 125mm pots and of good size. They have kept the price at $5/pot as the main goal is to promote native plants. They have managed to build up and retain a quite a wide range of plants over the years. They try to make sure their Members keep some growing to have cuttings available. They also take cuttings from the Tasmanian section in the Arboretum. A survey of how people found out about the sale revealed that personal contact from friends was the most common. However, all the methods of advertising had brought in some customers including some who were driving past and saw the road signs. The receipts covered their costs and they have some funds for other projects.

The North West Group are continuing to propagate each month at the Eugenana Arboretum and may again be involved with the Community Fair at Port Sorrell in October 2018. An update will be published when this is confirmed.