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Plant Sales

Hobart Group

The Hobart Group Plants sale on 11 March was moderately successful with a steady stream of buyers all morning. It was a good idea to close at 1pm, as it was a long weekend, and there were so many other events on at the same time. The Groups’ Nursery is located in the Kingston Primary School, and the plants were set up for sale under the sand box shelter on the Hutchins Street side of the School. Knowledgeable Group Members propagate the plants throughout the year, growing them from seed and cuttings.
These Members were available on Plants Sale day to give advice on what plants are best suited for which position and growing conditions. Some of the plants were propagated by Kingston Primary School grade 5 and 6 students during Thursday afternoon Landcare classes.

The next Hobart Group Plants Sale is scheduled for Saturday 14 October from 9am to 1pm in the same location, under the sand box shelter on the Hutchins Street side of the School. Another batch of beautiful Australian, especially Tasmanian species is being propagated for your enjoyment. There will be no Tasmanian Bushland Garden open day this year, so extra plants are not need for a sale there. However the mist propagator was nearly empty after the March Plants Sale, so the following propagation sessions have been very busy preparing cuttings to refill it.

At the Group’s April General Meeting, a proposal to donate $500 of the proceeds from the March 2017 Plants Sale to Kingston Primary School for shelving for their new glasshouse, once it was constructed, was approved. However subsequent to this it was found that the assembly had stalled due to the vague instruction manual and Bruce Champion arranged with the School to use the funds donated to hire a tradesman, Tony Schofield, to work with him to complete the assembly.

The completion of the assembly took two half days and then with the help of the School’s Groundsman another full day was spent making three rustic benches from old treated pine sleepers and posts salvaged from around the School. Bruce has since worked with his Thursday afternoon Landcare students to extend a water supply for the greenhouse from a nearby tap.

Northern Group


The Northern Group have had a very busy start to the year, after such a clear out of plants in Spring. Members worked tirelessly over summer to replenish stock for another brilliant and successful Autumn Plants Sale in April.

They had their official opening of the new Nursery Site at the “Windsor Community Precinct”, with the Mayor of West Tamar Council  officiating and members of Council, APST Northern Group & Windsor Community Garden present with a lovely afternoon tea to follow.

Members who had housed the Nursery in the past were officially thanked and presented with a token of our appreciation.
We have a very supportive group who attend propagating regularly and keep the stock rolling along. The new site is working very well with Janet & Colin Hallam working tirelessly and checking the automatic watering system regularly to make sure all is okay. A roster will be circulated for Members able to relieve the Hallams by checking the nursery & sprinklers during the hotter months. This is easier now with the nursery at Windsor Community Precinct, conveniently located for most our members.

Many thanks again to the Members for their ongoing support, and the Group looks forward to another successful year of propagation and the Spring Plants Sale in October. (Date yet to be decided.)

North West Group

Despite of the rain the North West Group Plants Sale was in fact the pictures, 2016 Plants sale 1st) most successful to date! They had customers from Port Sorell, Turners Beach, Penguin and Sheffield, Waratah and Werriba and everywhere in between. A wide variety of plants were sold, both rainforest and coastal.

The most frequently asked question was once again: "What have you got that wallabies don’t eat?" Fortunately the North West Group Members have some expertise in that problem with many of them sharing their gardens with wildlife. The new professionally-made signs were directing customers and looked wonderful. All thanks for the initiative and effort goes to Drew.

The next North West Group Plants Sale will be at the Port Sorell Fair in October, date to be confirmed.