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Plant Sales

Hobart Group

The Hobart Group had superb support to set up, sell, and put away after their Plants Sale on Saturday 13 April. The day was again fine with very little, if any, breeze and customers turned up very early again (8.30am), so they were very busy from before 9.00 to about 10.30am then a few stragglers until 1.00pm. However, they had the most successful Plants Sale ever, with a huge number of their high-quality plants sold.

They were delighted to sell a large Dicksonia antarctica, Soft treefern, and all of their stock of that species. ‘Prostrate and ground cover’ plants were supplied in quantity and sold very well, as did the ‘Coastal and sunny and dry’. One customer spent over $300 on mainly Coastal plants and another customer spent over $150 on mainly ferns. Takings were the best ever, and they will invest some of their profit in more raised growing on benches. They have raised all the existing low benches to make it easier for weeding, pruning and handling, and hopefully to have less weed invasions. Sincere thanks to all the members who helped on the day. They enrolled 1 new member and hope to see her at many of their activities.

The Hobart Group will again prepare new species and old favourites for the next Plants Sale on Saturday 12 October 2019 from 9.00am to 1.00pm under the Sand Box Shelter, Hutchins Street side of the Kingston Primary School.

Northern Group

The Northern Group’s Plant sale, was another excellent one. Full report when received.

The Convenor thanks all who contributed.

The next Northern Group plants sale will probably be on a Saturday in October from 10.00am to 4.00pm at the Max Fry Hall, Gorge Road, Trevallyn. Details when decided.

North West Group

The North West Group also had a superb Plants Sale under the Rotunda in the Eugenana Arboretum on Sunday 14 April. They too had their most successful sale ever!.

They advertised by flyers and newspaper advertisements, they notified garden clubs, gave radio interviews and displayed good roadside signs. As before, they surveyed how customers learned about their sale.
"Friends and neighbours" category was the biggest, but included also garden clubs and the Arboretum Facebook. Newspaper ads and radio also were significant. A wide range of methods is needed, but personal contact is probably the most effective.

One of their Members did well promoting the sale in the early morning radio on Saturday

The lovely sunny day encouraged people to visit the Arboretum, contributing to the successful day.

At 8 am the helpers arrived at the Arboretum gates to transfer the plants 300m from the nursery to the covered rotunda adjoining the. They were scheduled to open at 10 am, but first customers were arriving before 9 am! By 10 am there was a crowd. Plants were flying off by the boxful (some people got the message and brought their own boxes), and in three hours they had virtually sold out! Seven new members joined at the reduced rate offered.

One older gentleman donated them a boxful of interesting plants as he was moving to a unit. One faithful West Coast member, also brought in seedlings of Banksia seminuda and other gifts. Another Member had obtained several staghorn ferns from his father-in-law's old plant. They went in a flash at $15 each! This year there was lot of interest in groundcover plants, every groundcover plant was sold. Also, some people were looking for edible plants, someone wanted trees to bonsai, and a few were interested in plants suitable to use in fabric dyeing. Plants that wallabies leave alone are always in demand.

The Convenor sincerely thanks the wonderful team for the fantastic effort and for creating a lovely atmosphere with good humour and enthusiasm. Many customers appeared to enjoy just hanging around, chatting and inevitably filling their boxes with more and more plants! 

The North West Group will have a stall at the Port Sorell Spring Fair with display of Australian spring flowers, a some  plants and posies of Australian flowers for sale. This will be held from 10:00am to 2:30pm on Sunday 20 October, at the Port Sorell Primary School, Pitcairn Street, Port Sorell..