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NEW! Honorary Membership for Alan Gray

A proposal was put to the APST Inc. July Council Meeting for Honorary Life Membership to be conferred on Alan Gray. Alan was a founding member of the Society for Growing Australian Plants in 1970 and an early office bearer. He spent about three years working for a School's Commission project to teach Australian Plants in schools and to teachers and did an excellent job. He has an impressive record for plant identification, species descriptions and genera

keys, so was a perfect candidate for Honorary Life Membership. Council deferred the decision until the September Council Meeting due to other business and the need to determine the correct procedure for conferring the award.

At the September Council meeting it was decided that the Members should decide at a special General Meeting and the Members’ Get-together in St Helens presented a suitable opportunity as the ‘new’ constitution was to be submitted for approval at that gathering. So, at the Special General Meeting in St Helens that preceded the Members’ Get-together dinner, after the new constitution was approved, a citation was read by Bruce Champion that proposed Alan Gray be awarded Honorary Membership of the Australian Plant Society Tasmania Inc. This was seconded and supported by Roy Pallet and unanimously approved by the approximately 50 Members present.

The APST Inc. President, Jenny Boyer, then wrote to Alan informing him of his award and mentioning that he would be presented with his Honorary Membership at a mutually convenient meeting. So it was arranged, that Alan’s daughter, Jenny Schorta, would bring Alan down to the Hobart Group’s Christmas lunch at Randalls Bay. They arrived after invited guests, Kim Hill and Matt Baker from the Tasmanian Herbarium and all the Members. Alan was surprised and delighted to see many of his old acquaintances. They all gathered under the BBQ shelter and Bruce Champion gave a brief citation before the Hobart Group President, Sib Corbett, presented Alan with a framed copy of his Honorary Membership certificate. Alan responded that he felt most humble to be honoured with Membership of APST. He and Jenny S. then shared in the wonderful spread of food provided by Members including many sumptuous desserts. Alan wishes to thank all that were present and all other Members for his Honorary Membership.



This year’s get-together was based on St Helens and about 51 Members attended. Many of them were treated to a stroll through the St Helens Conservation Area on Friday 22 November with many lovely small plants. The Meet and Greet at the St Helens Bowls Club that evening was very well catered for by a team of their competent Members.

The program on the Saturday started at the Winifred Curtis Reserve in Scamander for car-pooling then the drive down the coast to Mariposa Beach to see two rare Tasmanian species along the top of the beach. Then back to the Member’s home over the road from the Reserve for morning tea and a tour of the Member’s extensive gardens, followed by lunch in his house garden. In the afternoon Members crossed to the Reserve for a tour or a wander around the beautifully maintained tracks. The get-together Dinner at the Bayside Inn was preceded by a Special General Meeting of Members where a new (revised) constitution was approved and a renowned Tasmanian botanist was awarded Honorary Membership. This was followed by a forum to discuss several matters requiring input from Members. The dinner in the Inn was very good and there was much conviviality among the Members.

The location of the Sunday excursion was a private bush property a few kilometres east of Conara Junction along the Esk Highway. There was an amazing collection of small plants and Members spent a long time looking at them at the entrance before moving further into the property for a couple more stops then a lunch stop before departing for their homes

Download an illustrated report on the Northern Group’s Members’ Get-together


With Sadness we report on the passing of:

Kay Geeves OAM

APST Inc has lost another Life-Member - we were saddened to hear of the death of Kay Geeves recently, and our sympathies go out to Dudley and Mark, and other family.

Kay, who joined the Victorian Society because there was no Tasmanian Society, began, with a few others, the Tasmanian Society for Growing Australian Plants in 1969. We owe her for all the enjoyment we have today.

Download the Hobart Group “Kay Geeves Memorial Edition Hobart Group Newsletter October 2019”



Tom Walker

Thomas George Walker died on 13 January 2020 in his 98th year. Tom and his wife, Meg, were keen Australian Plants growers and active in the Hobart Group for many years. Tom was Hobart Group Treasurer from 1988 to 1991 and helped Meg and the team with many of their activities at the Wildflower shows and Spectaculars. Tom’s daughter Carmen is an enthusiastic Australian Plants grower, Member in the Kingborough Day group and an active member of the Hobart propagation team.

We send our condolences to Tom’s family Libby, David and Carmen.

Mary Slattery - Life Member APST

It was with great pleasure that, in secret, Mary Slattery's family and friends and many APST Members and Councillors gathered in the Dining Room of the Ross Hotel on Saturday 29 June for lunch and to greet Mary, then hear the citation read by North West Group President, Joy McIntosh, for the granting of Life Membership to Mary. She was presented with her Life membership badge and certificate by the Society's President Jenny Boyer, and a large bunch of Australian flowers by Hobart President and Life Member Sib Corbett.

Mary has been a Member for 38 years. She has been Secretary of the North West Group for 31, APST Inc. Council Secretary for 11, Eucryphia Editor

for 2, after being assistant editor for the previous 2 and, more recently, 1.5 years as Australian Native Plants Societies of Australia (ANPSA - the Federal Organisation) Secretary. Mary is also the Tasmanian Society's Public Officer. She has also been North West Group Newsletter Editor for many years. Mary was Newsletter Editor for ANPSA during 20054 to 2005. She has also made sure that the North West Group's meeting room in Devonport has been open and ready for meetings each month.

Mary is still the current Council and ANPSA Secretary and Eucryphia and North West Group Newsletter Editor.

Mary thoroughly deserves her Life Membership, CONGRATULATIONS, MARY!

Looking for a present for a Family Member, Loved One or Friend?

Why not give that special person a membership to the Australian Plants Society Tasmania Inc. and some Tasmanian/Australian plants from one of our native plant nurseries. An Ideal present for someone who is interested in gardening, especially if they are interested in growing Austrealian Plants or a bush garden.

Becoming a member doesn't require the person to attend meetings unless they are particularly interested in the topic being presented or discussed that month (see the Calendar page for what's on). Garden visits are often offered so that members can see how plants grow in gardens, and field outings allow members to appreciate plants in their natural state and learn their names and habitats.

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